Architectural Engineering

Have you narrowed down your career choices to architecture and engineering? Do these two choices not seem like they are even in the same focus area? Although at first glance you may not realize that these two fields of study are related, in fact, the degree programs have quite a lot in common. For instance, both areas require a significant number of mathematics-based courses. In addition, you can expect hands-on courses to be prominent in both fields of study. The schools listed here can help you with reach your special engineering degree goals.

Why Choose the Field of Engineering?

While there are many different types of engineering, they can be broken down into a few generalized areas, including civil, electrical, bioengineering, and mechanical engineering. Most engineers specialize in one particular area of engineering. Civil engineers are responsible for building and improving the infrastructure of our societies. Our homes, streets, highways, and bridges are all products of a civil engineer’s work. Electrical engineers develop new technologies using electricity and magnetism. You can thank them for your phones and video game consoles. Bioengineers design and produce medical solutions such as artificial limbs. Mechanical engineers are very diverse in that they study heat and motion, and anything that is affected by those two elements. Mechanical engineers are responsible for ensuring that your car’s engine functions properly and they are responsible for making space shuttle launches possible.

Engineering covers a vast spectrum of careers. However, all engineers have one common goal: to make life better through the application of science. Engineers invent, design, and apply solutions that will solve problems and answer needs. People are continually benefiting from the work of engineer’s without even realizing it. Engineers supervise production or construction of projects, determine any causes of failure, test to maintain the quality of a product, and estimate the time and cost of completing projects.

There is a large amount of responsibility placed on the shoulders of engineers, and these careers are well suited for detail-oriented critical thinkers. Not only can engineering provide a lucrative career, but you are rewarded with the knowledge that you are improving and advancing society through your hard work and ideas.

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