Health & Medical Administration

When we consider a career in healthcare, we usually imagine a doctor’s facility or patients being helped by caregivers. While that is often the case, one key factor is that health care is a business and, like all organizations, it requires talented administrators to keep things running efficiently. Three key administration positions in medicinal services are office administration, health services & patient-based care, and data administration—generally called health informatics. These three areas are essential to the successful performance of a hospital or doctor’s office and are in demand by other support companies—places like insurance agencies, financial stakeholders, human resources and payroll corporations.

Why Choose Health & Medical Administration

Once you’ve earned your certificate or degree from a licensed school you’ll be prepared to enter the field. In many cases, your training can set you up for a profession in any of these dynamic and important jobs:

  • Health Unit Coordinator
  • Health Information Manager
  • Health Services Administrator
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Health Informatics Administrator

It’s critical to check that your school is accredited, either through a regional accreditation agency, the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education or the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

These offices check that your program meets thorough guidelines and will ensure that your credits transfer if you choose to go to an alternative school or seek postgraduate qualification.

Instructions to Get Started

Regardless of whether you want to enable patients to live better lives or drive research that could kill a lethal infection, everything begins by acquiring your degree. Learn more about healthcare administration and the numerous options accessible to you. Take the next step by finding the right school program suited to your passion and make your goals a reality. If you need to continue working while you go to class, an online program may be ideal.

Regardless of what program you pick, ensure that it has earned the seal of endorsement from an accrediting agency that oversees health care schools. Do your research and learn about which schools offer the best education and program that interests you.

Complete an information request form and the school that you select will contact you to answer your questions and provide more insight into how they can help you achieve your goals.

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