Illustration & Drawing

Maybe you have always had a talent and affection for drawing or maybe it’s a new obsession. Illustration is a joy to us all and It is rewarding to turn something you love to do into a career. When you do this, work no longer feels like work. With the help of an Illustration & Drawing school, you can show your ability to study, commit, and strengthen your talents, and you are sure to succeed. Search for programs listed on this site and begin pursuing your new career today.

The Field of Art & Design

While studying for an art school degree, students are faced with real-life situations that they will meet when building their career. Art school students complete projects and portfolios similar to those, which could possibly be asked of them by their prospective employers. These challenges, along with other hands-on projects, provide excellent practice to prepare for real challenges. Employers in creative fields are looking for applicants that have completed formal training, as well as a substantial body of work. By attending art school, you receive credentials and graduate with a portfolio of completed projects and samples that will impress your future employers.

There is an aspect of art and creative work that could appeal to anyone. There is a place in art school for any type of personality. Art school prepares students for careers in music, theater, visual arts, ceramics, drawing, fashion, design, and photography, just to name a few. Some graduates of art school move on to create their own businesses selling handmade work or crafts.

Creative job positions are highly coveted, and therefore highly competitive. Having formal training and education in the arts will significantly improve your ability to become employable and marketable. By pursuing arts education, you will also have better access to the right career opportunities. The secret to being wildly successful is doing what you love, loving what you do, and always striving to be the best. Following your creative passions no longer has to be just a dream; with a degree from a reputable art school, it can be your reality.

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