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As you begin your coursework you will likely need to choose an area of concentration to focus your studies on, such as biology, mathematics, or chemistry. If you decide to focus on mathematics, then you will be prepared for careers in economics, technology, finance, teaching, or engineering. However, if chemistry is more your niche, your degree program will make it possible for you to work within a capacity such as education, research, or medicine. Should you decide to emphasize your studies on biology, you will be prepared to work in an area of agriculture, technology, medicine, or ecology.

A bachelor’s degree program in mathematics is typically offered in conjunction with another area of focus, such as education. In addition, you can expect to be required to choose an area of concentration within the mathematics portion of your degree program. Common areas of concentration are general mathematics, economics, statistics, or computer science. Furthermore, you can choose to focus on math that is applied to areas of science, such as natural sciences or engineering. Regardless of your area of concentration, you can expect to be required to complete courses like advanced calculus, discrete structures, linear algebra, applied analysis, and differential structures. Should you decide to pursue a graduate level program you will have the chance to concentrate your studies in an area like computer science, bioinformatics, finance, or math education.

However, if you plan to focus your degree program in an area of biology, then you will be spending the majority of your time learning about the biological processes of animal life, humans, and plants. It is also common for students to choose an area of concentration within this educational program, such as pre-medical, pre-dental, microbiology, or ecology. No matter what area of concentration you choose, you can expect your beginning coursework to be similar. For example, you can expect to be required to complete classes like microbiology, marine sciences, anatomy, molecular biology, and immunology. If you focus in chemistry you can expect your coursework to contain classes like statistical mechanics, analytical chemistry, quantitative analysis, polymers, and thermodynamics. In this field of study, you will be able to choose areas of concentration such as engineering, forensic science, environmental chemistry, or biochemistry.

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